Municipal Lien Search

A Title search will uncover any recorded liens on a property. However, few people are aware that there can be many other unrecorded charges on a property that can eventually result in a lien. These charges will no longer be the responsibility of the former property owner but if they go unpaid, they can become the responsibility of the current property owner. The same follows for unresolved violations, building permits which have not been closed properly or unpermitted structures. The new owner can become liable for an overlooked utility bill as well in some cases will might results in excess payments (LOSS) to cover up the issues. In order to mitigate such loss, Muni searches are performed.

Our services include Real Estate Property Taxes, Special Assessments, Open/Expired Building Permits, Building Code Violations (open citations, notice of violations and notice of liens), and Utilities (unpaid water, sewer, and lien information). The Municipal Lien Search Reports are specifically useful for foreclosure / Refi properties to avoid the liability of unpaid liens that are unrecord at the county level. We perform actions based on our client’s requirement.



  • Open Code Violations
  • Open / Expired Permits
  • Special Assessments
  • Utilities specially for Water & Sewer Info
  • Lien Searches for specific states


  • Calling
  • Fax
  • Website / Online Search
  • Mail Away Service
    • Written requests for certain State Specific or County specific will be needed
    • Check needs to be cut as they often charge their own fee to release the information
    • Mailing costs & additional county costs are additional and to be borne by the client
    • Delays or changes on the estimation will be informed upfront
    • Fee changes & ETA approval will be obtained prior to processing the Mail Away Service orders